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The Wrap-Up
Jacqui Martin - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What you’ve missed in marketing, management and education news this month:

  1. Explore what’s ahead in technology, media and communications with Deloitte’s 2014 predictions here.
  2. Open Universities Australia moves into the vocational market.
  3. Recruitment report: Current employees’ social media accounts will deliver the highest quality candidates.
  4. Why we’re okay with Nanna joining Facebook – Sodona’s take on the latest shifts in the social network’s demographics.
  5. What MBA students can learn from Kindergarteners, a post on creativity from Eric Barker.
  6. Advice from top women leaders about finding a mentor, from Forbes.
  7. What do Fortune 500 companies do on social media? Find out here.
  8. How to manage your Pinterest account in less than 10 minutes a day.
  9. Beyond Lean In: the importance of sponsors and mentors from the New York Times.
  10. How do you interview, assess and hire the modern marketer? The Harvard Business Review on the importance of marketing analytics knowledge in today's workplace.
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