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The Best of Valentine's Day Marketing
Jacqui Martin - Thursday, February 13, 2014
Valentine's Day is once again upon us, which means lots of love-themed social media campaigns and stunts. Let's look at the brands that have stood out from the crowd this year: 

1. Evian 
The luxury bottled water brand is using Twitter to encourage fans to tweet their messages of love by completing the phrase "I love you like...", with some heartfelt and hilarious results. Check out their Twitter feed here.

(Image via Twitter)

2. IGA Australia
Also using Twitter as a platform to engage customers for Valentine's Day is IGA Supermarkets. Followers can tweet a special Valentine's message using #IGALoveSongs, which will then get turned into a short musical video and tweeted back. Talk about a custom present!  

(Image via YouTube)

3. IKEA Australia
IKEA has a cheeky offer for would-be parents, a voucher for a free crib. The catch? It's only valid in nine months time. 


Have you seen any great campaigns for Valentine's Day? 

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