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Should You Stay or Should You Go?
Jacqui Martin - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Feelings of dissatisfaction can creep into any job, but what should you do when it becomes persistent? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your role for a year or a decade, niggling feelings of doubt can surface at anytime. 

Here are three signs that it’s time to move onto greener pastures:

You’ve hit a plateau

A great question to ask yourself is do I want my boss' job? Is what I see them doing on a day-to-day basis the pinnacle of what I want to achieve? If the answer is no, it’s time to rethink if you’re in the right place. Try to work through if it’s the industry or the organisation, the work or the workplace that isn't getting you excited about advancement. Once you've pinpointed where the dissatisfaction is stemming from, start looking for a role that excites you, and seeking out the advice of people who have made a similar jump in the past. 

Your life outside of work is suffering

Each industry and role within it has peak periods. Ask anyone what their busy times of year are and they will immediately rattle off a few months around key deliverables. When has this gone too far? If you’re missing weddings, birthdays, have no concept of a weekend, or need to avail yourself of 24/7 Christmas shopping at Chadstone, it’s probably time to reconsider how much time you’re giving to this role. Look for workplaces that are advocates for work-life balance and offer flexible working arrangments.

You’ve been pigeonholed

If you’ve worked somewhere for a long time, it’s easy to be tagged as being ‘good at x’ or ‘interested in y’. Usually, most roles in large orgaisations will have very clear advancement steps on the ladder to success. But what if you’re on the wrong ladder? If you’re in media or marketing especially, there are a vast array of positions that you could find yourself in (marketing, advertising, PR, events) in an industry that rewards specialisation. Before you know it, you can be pigeonholed. If you’ve given your career direction a rethink, talk to your boss and peers about it, so they know you want experience in that area - you never know when a secondment opportunity will come up. No support and no room to reinvent? It’s time to think about moving on.

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