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Let’s do coffee! Ground rules for meet ups
Jacqui Martin - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As professional networking sites have made it easier to connect with other people in your industry, the ‘coffee meet up’ has become increasingly common.

Here are some rules to keep in mind when the next request pops into your inbox.    

  1. Have a clear understanding of who they are and what they want. Don’t be afraid to ask for their resume or to check their Linked In page.
  2. Talk it out – chatting on the phone beforehand can help you clarify what they want out of the conversation.   
  3. After you’ve identified their goals, don’t be afraid to refer them to someone else you think would be more appropriate. 
  4. Pick a time and place convenient to you.
  5. From the outset, be clear about the amount of time you have scheduled the meeting for. Twenty minutes is about right.
  6. If you connected, keep in touch on social networks. 
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